19 September 2013

Kia Kaha New Zealand (Stay Strong)

Well, Oracle Team USA took the first race of the America's Cup today and the second race was postponed due to those pesky winds. The score now stands at Emirates Team New Zealand with 8 points to Oracle Team USA's 2 points. The Kiwis need just one more win to bring the cup back to New Zealand. 

I imagine a lot of people will be saying "Kia Kaha" today in New Zealand, which is Maori for "stay [be] strong". The phrase is commonly used in New Zealand and became an iconic phrase used to show support to those impacted by the devastating Christchurch earthquake. It is also well known as a verse from the marching song of the 28th Maori Battalion during World War II who fought in Greece, Crete, North Africa and Italy:

          Maori Battalion march to victory
          Maori Battalion staunch and true
          Maori Battalion march to glory
          Take the honour of the people with you
          We will march, march, march to the enemy
          And we'll fight right to the end
          For God! For King! And for Country!
          Au - E! Ake, ake, kia kaha e!

So one more day to wait New Zealand - Kia Kaha. You can find out more about the Maori language (Te Reo) here.

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